His Investment in You;

   Soldier of The Cross, we are told in I Thessalonians that we have " . . . all the privileges and rewards of the new life in Jesus Christ the Messiah. "    What a tremendous thing!    Why then, do we insist on living as though it were not true?  Why must we impale ourselves on the day to day  drudgeries?  Why must we worry and fret and rehearse our past losses and hurts?    Why are we blinded to the needs of those around us?    Are you a Soldier of The Cross?  Have you decided to take up the Cross daily and follow Him?     We have been born into Heaven's economy.    We have been born into a Royal Race.    We have been born into the Kingdom of His Dear Son.    We have the seal of Promise on our hearts.   Can you go back?  Of course not  So, Soldier, you must proceed.    You have either claimed your life as your own, or you have crossed The Line.    Soldier,  look up and move on!