Which Battle Are You Fighting?

Be sure you know what Battle you are fighting. You can't fight a moral battle. You must fight a spiritual battle. There are many who would like to see society change, and without an encounter with Christ. There are those who picket, chain themselves to buses, and plant themselves in every conspicuous place. They call, mail and focus on moral societal change. It will never happen. The Gospel is not about social change. The Gospel is not about moral change. The Gospel is about Salvation and transformation. the Gospel is about Power to live and Power to be free. How can a homosexual change with out the Lord. Why should he or she change without the Lord? Soldier, you can agree with God about sin, but you must take His position on the issues. He came to die and He came to Love. He came to redeem and He came to teach about the Cross. You must not make abortion your issue. You must not make gay marriage your issue. You must not make the war in Iraq your issue. Salvation is your issue. Healing is your issue. Heaven is your issue. Freedom is your issue. The Blood is your issue. Love is your issue. He died for the Victory. He rose for the Victory. Make sure you are fighting the Battle that is covered by the Shed Blood.