Thine is The Glory:

   Because we live in a fallen world and must deal with the issues of Time, there are certain things that we can not escape.    For example, we are not completely free of the old nature until we are present with the Lord.  In the meantime, we have the privilege of taking up The Cross daily, and following Him.  Interestingly, this means we must deal with the flesh by appropriating the defenses and offenses given to us in God's Word.    All things must be for His Glory.       Arguments are counter productive.  There is no place in the Bible where God argued with anyone. He is too secure for that.  He came, He died, He rose again.  He proved  His divinity.    Soldier of The Cross,  give Him the Glory. Do it in prayer, so that He is able to reveal to you what this means.  Until there is a revelation of His Glory, the flesh sets up a conflict that can not be resisted.  The old man wants credit.  He wants to be right.  He wants to get back.  He wants to be secure in the future.    And, he wants all to know that he is the authority  with regard to his own life.    The Lord has told us to give Him the Glory, because it is the best thing for us.  We need Truth.  We need reality.  We need the bottom line.    Soldier of The Cross, come before Him today and deal with this issue.     Tell Him aloud.    Tell Him today.