The entire Word of God instructs us in the way of holiness.    To sum it up, we must trust and obey.  In all of human history, there has never been a choice between good and evil that left the chooser without light.  Man chooses what he wants the most and then justifies it.    Those who are His have been promised guidance, wisdom and Light.    Soldier, let's face it - if we want to walk with Him, He will walk with us.  If we want to know what is right, He will guide.  If we want to let Him change us, He will do it.    The problem lies with the flesh.  It is the flesh that wants to be in control and know what is going to happen.. It is the flesh that thinks God's will is the thing that avoids all discomfort.    The flesh has to even the score.  The flesh is desperate to invest in this life.  The flesh clings to reputation, comfort and facade.    Soldier, we have it easy, as long as we cling to The Word.  It is not easy on the flesh, but He has promised that if we take up the Cross daily, He will deal with the flesh and we can follow Him.    It is a supernatural life.     Are you willing to obey?  Can He be trusted?  You must make a conscious decision.