To Know Him and The Power of His Resurrection:

   You must get to know the Lord.    He is your all in all.  That means He is the reason for decisions. He is the reason for words issuing form the mouth.  He is the reason for your attitude about relation ships.  He is the reason for the order of your day and your possessions.    He is the reason for the discipline of your children.  Why would  you build a home apart for serve to Him? Is there any reason you would take a job for any reason other than Service to the Master?    Soldier of The Cross, the farther we go, the easier it becomes.  The greater the cost, the easier the loss.  Either He has told us the truth, or He has not.     You must decide what your priority is.  Is your life about Him, or about you?  Will you compromise because there is another in your life who does not walk in the Light?    Soldier you alone will stand before Him.    Look up and move on!