Am I A Soldier Of The Cross:

   What is the value of your life today?    It is measured by the level of your submission to the Lover of Your Soul.    Soldier, there are daily  grinds. There are hourly decisions.  There are weekly crises And, all along, you are required to live b y faith and not by sight.  The issue is, are you willing, and if not, why not?  It Is it because you do not consider that He able?      Consider with me now.  What is is that He is not able to do?  Is He able to lead?  Is He able to provide?  Is He able to reveal the truth?  Is He able to reveal Truth?     If you have an issue with Him you must absolutely know what it is.  If not, hand him the reigns.    Do it in prayer and do it aloud.  There is absolutely no one else and there is no where else.