Zeal is Not a Feeling:

   Zeal is the result of being touched by God, acknowledging it, accepting Truth and responding to the Vision of the Work that He reveals.    I have heard people pray for zeal.  Most of the time, they are praying for a feeling of abundant energy to do this or that.  Actually, on occasion, the one making the request is expecting a physical inclination to do perform Christian service.      There are those who think that zeal is an emotion that inclines one to God's work in the same way that human love compels people to look better.  Human love often channels the mind into a narrow thought pattern about the object of that love.     Zeal is not a feeling.  Zeal is the result of obedience.    We are told to be zealous and actually, we are so commanded. Therefore, we may not wait for a feeling or for some kind of visitation.  We simply agree with God.    Work for the night is coming.    Corrie Ten Boom tells of visiting a woman who was a translator.  The woman had multiple sclerosis and was eagerly and devotedly translating one of Corrie's books. The woman's husband had her propped up with pillows so that she could work - with one finger.  Corrie was able to witness the setup the day before the woman died.  That woman was a zealous soldier, even though she could only lift one finger, and that not without assistance.  She agreed with God.    Work for the night is coming.    The Apostle Paul had been deserted by most, was in coupling chains, had been badly beaten, had serious eye problems and knew he would die soon.  He wrote to the churches with unction and faithfulness, sometimes using a scribe.  He agreed with God.    Work for the night is coming.    Soldier of The Cross, are you in prison?   Are you ill?  Do you have a body that will not respond to your command?  Have you been deserted or defamed?  Has there been a recent financial disaster?  Is your young teenager about to be a parent?  Has your  face been scarred?    He knows all about these things and He has still told you that you must be about the Father's business.  Agree with God.    Work for the night is coming.     Holy Spirit zeal is that thought that nags because someone needs a call.  Someone needs a letter.  You should look someone in the eye and love him or her.  Someone needs to have you go to their apartment and ride with them on the subway. You know you should visit someone who is ill or dying.   Something stands in the way of your service, and you come before Him and hand it over.  Agree with God.    Work for the night is coming.    It is not religion nor is is emotion.    It is agreeing with God.    Work for the night is coming.