Matthew 7:1 Do not judge and criticize and condemn others, so that you may not be judged and and criticized and condemned yourselves. . ." Soldier of The Cross, there is a significant difference between judging others and recognizing wrong doing. As far as you are concerned, if you see something that another is doing that is out of line with the word of God, the first thing you must do is take it to the Lord. If you are not in authority in the local assembly, watch your tongue, because the matter is not your business and it is not up to you to fix or correct others. If you are asked, that may be another matter, but perhaps not. Many are quick to speak, but few are in spiritual authority. God's Word makes clear the process by which correction should be delivered, and there are no exceptions, unless you are specifically asked. Even then, caution and prayer must be in the front. Live your own life and mind your own business. If you are to correct another, it will be with a church authority, and it will be according to the Word of God. Make knowing Him your goal.