His Love:

So few are able to grasp that He completely Loves His Own. The Lord told Hosea to do something that brought him disgrace and, no doubt, heartache. Yet, it was for his best. How do we know this? Because He has said so. Soldier of The Cross, have you told the Lord that He can order your day? Your life? Your thoughts? Your finances? Your family? Your reputation? Your body? Your ambitions? What about your possessions? We all have places that are held behind closed doors, or clenched in tight fists. He is in the business of preparing us for heaven. He loves us enough to bring about the things that will reveal Himself and that will bring about the glorious changes in His Own. Soldier, why resist? Is there something better? Can you find another truth? Is there another who will answer when you call? Of course not. There is only One. One who gave His Life as a ransom for many. Take these things before Him today and speak with Him about it. Aloud.