The Shield of Faith:

     We have protection against all the efforts of the enemy.    Soldier of The Cross, look at the great Ephesians passage concerning the armour.  We have a shield that can be lifted up against anything the enemy sends our way.    We have been told the truth about many things, even though we do not have the capacity to understand.  We have been asked to do things that make no sense, apart from His command.  We have been asked to thank Him for things that seem to go wrong, by sight.    We have been told to give, when there is not enough to give.  We are told to go when there is no apparent way.  We are told to love the most unlovely.    and when we expect it the least, we are ambushed about guilt from the past or fear about the future.    Soldier, we have the Shield of Faith.  We can trust what He Has Said, and we can lift it up in the face of the enemy.    It does not have to make sense.  We do not need to see the end.  We do not need to understand the past.    In Him, we live and move and have our being.    Because He IS, everything is different.