Treasure in Heaven:

   Those who have determined to lay up treasure in heaven are abundantly free to work and harvest with abandon.    In fact, it is the  living by sight and the need to preserve earthly  security that cripples the believer.    Soldier of The Cross,   you must take God at His Word.  If He says we must make eternal investment, we must present ourselves to Him for obedience in this area.    Those who have taken Him seriously are able to live with little or with much.  They do not prefer to be with the wealthy over the poor.  They work  at the highest level even if they are not being paid.    Those who invest eternally, consider the Lord to be the provider of  the daily bread, as opposed to their own efforts.    Even the most wealthy Christian must pray in his daily bread - otherwise, he feels responsible for his own sustenance.    Tell the Lord what your priorities are.    May He change you?    Tell Him.  Aloud.