Answered Prayer:

   In order to see answered prayer, you must take God at His Word.    Because we so often pray according to our human limitations, we similarly look for answers according to our concepts of what we think is good for us.    The vase, immeasurable creativity of our God is so far beyond our experience or imagination, that He has asked us to trust Him and to take Him at His Word.  He has said He would do what is best for us.  If He is allowed, He will do what Glorifies himself.  Those who long to be like Him will tell Him so and will allow Him to do anything, in order to bring about His own likeness in them.    Those soldiers of The Cross will assume that He is having His way, because they have appropriated the Promises.  They have told Him this in prayer.    So, in storm or in sunshine, those who want Him more than anything else will go to Him in prayer.  They will tell Him that they can trust Him. They will thank Him for the things that are explosively enjoyable.  They will thank Him for the things that seem impossible.  They will thank Him for the whole gambit, because they have determined that He can be trusted.    Soldier, have you made that decision ?  Have you told Him aloud?    What thing could be distressing today?  Tell Him you trust Him and that you stand on what He has said.  Remember, you are always on display, and if you trust Him, it will be reflected in your words.    These things must take place in prayer.  Those who refuse to submit to him in prayer are always nervous.  Bitter.  Afraid. Tired.    There is no greater privilege than to be chosen for the special blessing of His attention and answered prayer.    Simply agree with God.  Do it in prayer.  Do it aloud.