I have never found Job to be a picture of patience.     He distinguishes himself as God's man because he refuses to blame God and refuses to whine or complain.  At the same time, he is miserable and genuinely suffering.    What Job does not know, is that God has chosen Job to show his substance of faith.    Soldier of The Cross, are you willing to be chosen for such a thing?  Do you trust God enough to let Him to do anything He wants to with your life?    If not, why not?     God is without flaw and does not fail.  Is it possible that He will leave you in the wake of some other agenda?  Of course not.    He has made Himself clear.     He is the Lover of Your Soul.    He will never leave you.    He will not withhold any good thing.       Wait for Him.  Trust Him.  Tell Him what you are doing.  Raise your hands and sing to Him.  Ask Him to teach you to praise Him.    Turn away from the thing you think is so hard and look at  the One who holds the stars in place.  He left Glory to take your place in death and bore your sin.    Who has done more for you?