What does it mean to experience Life?    There is no other Life such as is experienced by those who are in Christ.     You were designed to live and move in Him, and have your entire being in Him.     You were designed to live in Sabbath rest.     You were designed to walk in The Light.    You were designed to know Peace and to experience Peace.    You were designed to look forward to eternity, and to look for His coming.    You were designed to have an intimate relationship with the One who hung the stars in place.    You were designed to receive and minister supernatural Love.    So, Soldier of The Cross, what is the purpose of your life?  Does it match His purpose for your life?  Have you decided that you will devote yourself to knowing Him with all your might?  Have you decided you are preparing to spend eternity with Him?    He has given you a supernatural assurance that you will be with Him for ever and ever.  The Indwelling Holy Spirit lives within you and empowers you to obey.  That is, if you are available.  If you agree with God.    Soldier, take inventory tonight. Would you agree that seventy percent of your daily thoughts concern the issues of life?  That is an indictio0n that your priorities are not in order.    You may be working two jobs.  You may be in prison.  You may have a terminal illness. You may have twenty foster children.  But, if your thoughts are not on the Lord as you are moving through the hours, you must make a change.    He is keenly interested in each detail of your life, and don't you forget it!