The Race:

   Soldier of The Cross, those who run the Race can not afford to be distracted.    Running entails having a place to go, a reason to go there, a purpose that produces speed and a determination that nothing will get in the way.    Then, of course, we are all human.  So, how do we address the issues that crop up and so easily turn our attention away from the Race?    It starts and ends in prayer.    Prayer that is aloud.  Prayer that formulates sentences that agree with God's Word.  In  prayer, we take a position.  In prayer, we state the goal.  In prayer, we make the commitment.  In prayer, we acknowledge the provision.    In prayer, we determine to look unto the things that lie ahead and we refuse to be distracted by anything that is not confirmed in His Word.    Soldier, until we have no more breath, we can run.