How do you handle disagreement with the decisions of those in authority? With great fear and trembling! Some local churches do things by vote. Others by fasting and prayer. Others by a board of elders who determine the course of things. In the Kingdom of Heaven, the Lord has often chosen to speak through those who seem completely incapable of making rational or wise decisions. The issue is, who are you? Are you the pastor? If not, be very, very careful. One of the most important thing in the local assembly is, the development of the new or young pastor. If you know there is deliberate sin, such as adultery or embezzlement, something must be done, and it should be done through church authority. You must let the man develop. Back off. Watch for the Lord. Support what God is doing and watch for Him. He is listening attentively to your issues and concerns. Possibly, He is doing something new. Even in the early stages, God's man must be trained and he must be trained by God, not by you. Button your lip and above all, stop- speaking to anyone in order to impart your impression of what is wrong. Do you want to see Jesus? Do you understand the loaves and the fishes? He can do the same with a man. Back off and give God some room.