God's faithfulness is staggering to the mind. His faithfulness is found in many believers. Many have given their lives because they had supernatural vision that enabled them to stand the ground. They have endured torture, lost loved ones, even their own lives, for the sake of the Gospel. There are also those who never miss a meeting. They can be trusted to be early, and it is evident that they intend to should er the load. They sweep floors, clean toilets and expect nothing in return. Love pours out of their eyes. These faithful ones seek out the lonely and can always be found where there is a need. The Lord is always revealed in the faithfulness of these brothers and sisters. This kind of service is predetermined. There has been a time when these Christians have decided that His business is the most important thing in their lives. They are steady, present and nothing tempts them away from even the smallest tasks. Soldier of The Cross, if we love Him, we will stand the ground. We will follow Him regardless of the cost. We do not seek recognition or reward, because we know that we are running a Race that will finish in his Presence. Be a pillar. Resist distraction. We serve one day at a time. We serve sacrificially. The Harvest is His business.