Attending to Others:

As a Soldier of The Cross, you must be available to give of yourself in such a way that Jesus can be seen. By that, I mean that He has asked that we attend to the poor, the sick, the elderly, the shut-in, the dying, and the mentally ill. We are also asked to minister to those who are in prison and those who are simply lost. Soldier of The Cross, there is no lack of work. I{t seems that we are so busy, but there is always time to do something. There is always time to attend to the need that is directly before you. I have often found that it might be necessary to travel to another country just to encourage someone who is discouraged. It might be necessary to give your last dime to someone who is in desperate need. You may be led to take the hand of someone who is ill or dying. Do it. Set aside your own self-protection and step out on His Commandments and His Promises. Soldier, there is simply nothing else. This life is soon over. Make sure your investments are eternal.