Treasure to be Invested in Him

Soldier of The Cross, Take God at His Word.

He wants your Treasure to be invested in Him, for your good. He has made it clear. There are no exceptions.

Western Christianity is promoting an agenda that is not scriptural. "Christian" media is bombarding believers with the idea that eternal treasure should be invested in family.

This is not scriptural. Of course, a born again child of God must be available to be an example and a minister of Life to anyone and everyone.

The scriptures make it clear that those with whom we live, ought to have the first and richest benefit of our relationship with the Lord.

The Cross must be applied in the home before it can be effective anywhere else. Children must see Jesus. Siblings must see Jesus. Spouses must see Jesus.

There must be a denial of Self, and the taking up of the Cross to follow the One who holds the stars in place.

What is the issue?


Make your choice.