The Treasure of Choice

Your life is significant in the Kingdom of Heaven.

There is a tendency to exalt figures whose deeds are known - those who have written books, or those whom about books have been written.

The real value in the stories of those in Christian service is not in the great projects or vast crowds. It is in the daily lives of the Soldiers of The Cross.

Soldier, your days and hours are rich with the treasure of choice.

First, you chose Jesus. Then, you chose to serve Him. Now, that service demonstrates your choice by your godly plodding. It is not always possible to know which bill to pay when there is not enough money. It is not always possible to say the right thing when tragedy strikes.

No matter what you do, there are no earthly guarantees.

Give the Lord the day in the morning. Take in the Word afresh. Trust Him to guide as He said He would. He is eager to shed light on the path, and He has promised to do it.

One step at a time. When you put your foot down, there will be light for the next move.

The Glory is not in being perfect, appearing spiritual, or building the greatest monument.

The Glory is in following hard after the Lord.