His Attributes are Infinite

Soldier, what attracts you about the Lord?

Is it His unconditional Love? Is it His eagerness to lead you into whatever is the best for you? Is it His ability to create? It is that He left Glory for you? Perhaps it is that He said He would withhold no good thing from you?

Is it that He heals?

Is it His Grace?

Soldier of The Cross, His attributes are infinite. His personal call to you is the ultimate manifestation of Grace.

You must talk to Him about these things. Tell Him what you love about Him.

Today, many believers evaluate the Lord based on what they think He has done for them.

It is in His Word. It is Finished. The relationship with Him is entered into by Faith. By those who have committed their lives to Him.

Are you able to add to His Plan?

Soldier, when you talk to Him, speak to Him aloud. Tell Him the things you love about Him. It is important to choose words.

He will respond.

There is no other.