Joy in Serving Jesus

The good old-fashioned song says, "There is joy in serving Jesus. . ."

And, so there is. The joyless servant is one who is serving something or someone other than the Master. Perhaps he is serving a philosophy. Or a standard. Or a particular doctrine, or numerous other things, other than the Lord.

Serving often involves doing the simple tasks of every day with a glad heart. Serving means obeying the Lord in all things.

Serving means loving the Body of Christ. Serving means being available to love the unlovely.

Serving means taking the Word of God and refusing to veer off.

Soldier of The Cross, those who are faithful just feel like they are plodding along, but they do not have resentment. They are not burned out and they do not look at others, thinking that they ought to have the responsibility or recognition that others have.

Those who serve do not consider a small task to be less important than a big project.

We are His.