Efficiency in the Practical Things

Soldier of The Cross, when you make the decision to live your life for the Lord, there is a marvelous efficiency in the practical things.

In the morning, you tell the Lord He can have your life. You ask Him to do whatever He needs to do to bring about His likeness in you.

Then, you move into The Next Thing.

Dishes? Diapers? Work? Dinner?

It is all the same. Preaching to an audience of ten thousand is the same as doing a sink of dishes. Whose are you?

In God's economy, there is no large or small task. His issue is obedience.

Soldier of The Cross, you have made the decision to invest in eternity. What is the immediate distraction? A disagreement? A loss? A death? No money?

The bottom line is, is it your issue, or is it His?