What is your standard?

There is a godly vigor that results from the decision to live a life in accordance with the Word of God.

What is your standard? I must not be the life of another or the teaching of another. It must not be an ideal. Nor may it be some personal goal.

The standard must be the Word of God.

The Bible instructs in all things. The problem comes when the Christian has to understand, or when the Christian has to know what the result will be.

Soldier of The Cross, your job is obedience. That is what He has asked and it is not going to change. We have been asked to take Him at His Word without knowing the earthly outcome.

Who do you trust today? Can it possibly be that you trust yourself more than you trust the Lord? Sadly, that is the state of many.

Those who are without Christ have no vision of eternity. They have no Rock. They have no Fortress. They have no Comforter.

They have only themselves.

We have One who is perfect. Who holds the stars in place. Who is elegant, yet reaches out to the worst and the most unlovely of us all.

We have One who loved us before we loved Him and gave up Glory to suffer and die for us.

We do not understand many things, but we know He rose again and is making a place for us.

Is there anything better? Is there anyone else who could be trusted?

He has asked for obedience, and that is the first priority. This obedience leads to a relationship with Him. It leads to Love. It leads to healing. It leads to freedom.

Stand before Him and say it again. That you are His. That you eagerly obey His Word.

Tell Him today. Aloud.