What is the burr under your saddle today?

"Then said the Lord to me, you have seen well, for I am alert and active, watching over my word to perform it."

What is the burr under your saddle today?

Whatever it is, it is not scriptural for you to hang on to it. There is nothing that compares to His Word. The intensity of your offense should not determine your position, your approach or your conversation about the situation.

The word of God determines your attitude and your responses. You can feel strongly, while bending the will into obeying Him.

Soldier of The Cross, if you do not live this way, there is much ground that will not be recovered in this life.

Satan is a divider of the brethren. If he can invade your soul for just a few minutes, he can plant a splinter against another brother or sister. That splinter will fester, and all of your interactions with and reports about that one, will be filtered through the color of the enemy's implantation.

With each unpleasant encounter, run to The Word.

Stay clean.