The Battle:

     Soldier of The Cross, the Battle is in the mind.


     Of course things really happen.  And, things appear to be out of control.    According to His Word, is that possible?


     Psalm 91 is incredibly interesting.  It begins by telling us that he who is in the "hidden place"  can be an observer only when the arrows are flying.   Wouldn't that be a relief?   What is the "hidden place of the Almighty?


     Psalm 119 says "Thy Word have I hid in my heart . . ."


     When I was a child, real Christian churches all had intensive memorization programs.  When I was three, I won a family camp for a week by quoting one hundred verses.   That is rare these days.  The memorization of The Word  has been dumbed down like so many other aspects of Body Life.


     In my quiet time each day, I do my regular reading - straight thorough the Bible over and over.  And if no verse that day grabs me, I  memorize any verse.  Let me tell you - when you memorize a portion of the "begats", the Indwelling Holy Spirit will minister to you through whatever verse comes to mind.   I do this just for the day, and often the following day I can't remember it.   But the mind marinates in the verse for the dy.


     Every Christian should know 200 hundred or so basic verses.  Apart form that, repeat over and over a verse for each day from your time in The Word.  When the enemy comes at you in an effort to take over your thoughts, the Holy Spirit will burp up that verse, and  you will have the immediate conscious choice enabling you to take each thought captive and lead it away.


     Oh, Soldier.  Your money is not yours.  Neither is your debt.
     Have you been falsely accused?  So was He.
     Is your child off the rail?  He saw it before it happened.  He is listening attentively to your every plea.
     He made your body, and He understands what you are going through.  Yes, He does heal,  but He may have something better.


     You were not designed to put roots down in this life.


     Memorize the Word.   Put on the Armour and resist the enemy.


     This is done by prayer.   So, soldier of The Cross,  tell Him today.