Finding Relief:

     Soldier, here is the bottom line:  God's Word is More Real than the Way that You Feel.


     This fact doesn't cheapen all feeling, but it does compel a comparison between waves of emotion and God's Word.

     This is a confrontation. How are you going to live out the rest of your life?

     What if you are misunderstood?
     What if someone lies about you?
     What if your authority is usurped?
     What if your children are not living as you know they should?
     What if there is a serious illness?  Or death?
     What if your mate has betrayed you or worse?

     Soldier of The Cross, you are not expected to be a walking around with a toothy smile.  You are expected to live and make choices according to His Word, no matter what you are feeling.   This is absolutely  impossible without taking the matter to the Lord, claiming His Word, and pouring your heart out to Him with the intent of agreeing with Him.

     In the middle of the storm, there has to be a reaching out to the Lover of Your Soul for the purpose of agreeing with Him.

     Soldier, it is about walking in The Light.   As soon as you take it to Him and tell Him your goal is to agree with Him and submit no matter what the feeling,  all you have to do is to say it.   He'll take it from there.  Of course the feeling will probably not go away immediately. This is a faith issue, not a Dr. Phil situation.

     You have crossed the line and have decided to take up The Cross and Follow Him.  That happens in prayer.

     So Soldier, tell Him today and do it aloud. 
     Then, look up and move on.


     Tomorrow:  Our Children