His Discipline:

     There must come a time when His discipline is welcome.


     We usually don't recognize it until the pain has subsided.  Often, it is administered through the most unpleasant people, and rarely is it pre-announced.


     We don't need to pray for it, as it already promised. We need to pray to be willing for Him to do absolutely anything in us in order to make us like Him.


     I guarantee, you can't pray that if you don't mean it.  


     May He do anything in you?  Anything with your life?    Are you willing to make your life about being dead to the world and alive unto Christ?


     He doesn't do this by making us stuff-knowers.  He does it by teaching us to trust when it seems too late.  He does it by allowing us to be misunderstood and misquoted.  He also does it by taking things and people away.  He will cut and chisel.


     We must learn to and how to obey His Word. Unflaggingly.


     You must tell Him these things aloud.    It avoids wool-gathering, and allows a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in being led.  It also teaches us how not to pray, as with our own ears, we can often hear our lack of submission.


     At the end, you will see that every single thing allowed in your life was screened by his Love.