Yes, Vengeance is His, as He has told us.

     This does not mean you are going to get to see it.  The last thing the Soldier of The Cross needs is to hang around the crime scene,  waiting for the offender to get whacked.

     When we cross over, we will see and understand justice.  Right now, move on.   If you look back to watch,  even though the happenings are in the unseen, you will turn into a pillar of salt and be useless.

     Forgiveness does not mean you are best friends with the offender.  It mean you let it go and move on.

     The worst thing is to be misquoted with devastating results.  Or to have someone report falsely about you to another.  There is always a terrible ripple effect. If it can be straightened out, do it.  But you are a Servant and you are following after Him.  There will be no putting the Cross down so you can settle the score.

     You can't put your hand to the plow and look back.

     If you have decided your life will be about ministry, you will absolutely be maligned and/or betrayed.  Usually by someone you have invested yourself in.

     You must move on.  The Lord might fix it quickly and He might not.  It is a matter to be dealt with in prayer, and it's not easy.

     The enemy will press you to vindicate yourself, but often this is a deterrent to service.  It is one of the hardest things to give up to Him.

     Soldier, look up and move on.

     Tell Him you will leave it at His feet.  Tell Him aloud and tell Him you want to move on.   This world is  not your home, and that fact becomes more and more real when you agree  with Him in prayer.

     Do it today.