Moving on:

     You have made a decision, and that sets you apart.

     Because you have chosen to be a Soldier of The Cross,  you have taken up The Cross daily and you are following hard after Him.

      What does this mean?

     It means you are being called into the unknown.  At least, the unknown in your experience. The quicksand of the Christian is the desire to slow down and have everything predictable and comfy.

     There has to be a regular letting the Lord know that He can do anything.    May He move you?  Or are you too comfortable?  Are you willing to take your children and follow Him?  Or is it about what society considers is right for them?  If He calls you to Africa, will you have conditions?

     The Church today has has lost the vision for complete availability and has promoted a standard of comfort and physical prosperity.

     Those who memorize His word and stand before Him in prayer and daily determined to be a Living Sacrifice - those are the ones He can move easily.  He gives them Grace for the next move, and He does not give it until it is time.

     The move might not be to another location.  It might be a move of the heart. 

     He is not looking to find the most available and then clobber them.  He is searching for those who will trust Him.  He is looking for those who will see His glory.

     He is looking for those who simply want to know, hear and obey Him.  

     Can He be trusted?

     Can He be known?  Not without walking by faith.

     Tell Him you are available, and tell Him aloud.
     Tell Him each day.