Passing Through:

     Soldier of The Cross,s remember that this world is not your home.


     You are a Sojourner and a Pilgrim ( I Peter 2:11,12)  and that fact puts many things in perspective.


     All you know is what you know.  You don't know the future, and you really don't understand the past.  You need to be led through the wilderness of life.


     The flesh huffs and paws the ground in pursuit of independence.  Guaranteed spiritual death.


     We take one step at a time, and we do it by prayer.  Learning to follow the Lord is by trial and error.  There is no such thing as getting up off your knees and then immediately making all the right turns and decisions.


     We are to learn to lean on Him.  To be sensitive to the leading of the Indwelling Holy Spirit.


     It's not about bucking up and being a rock - He is The Rock.    It is about obedience.  It's about learning to listen and  learning to follow.  Learning to recognize Him.


     What is your purpose for the tomorrow?  Regardless of the day's agenda, you have a Lord who is attentive and will lead through each tangle.


     Tell Him.  Today.