Sabbath Rest:

     There really is a resting place for the Soldier of The Cross.

     Hebrews 4 tells us of this.  It is a Place of security and of the rolling of the burden on Him.  It has nothing to do with the fight about Saturday or Sunday.

     Soldier of The Cross, you have made a decision.  You have decided you are His no matter what the  cost.  That means, of course, there is a cost.

     The issue is, is His Word going to rule, or are circumstances going to rule?  It is a matter of Flesh v. Faith. As a trial attorney, I have to say, it's a great analogy.

     Read the chapter and then consider it.  Memorize one or two of the verses.

     Soldier, you do not have the capacity to carry your burden.  That is why He has so often told you to give it to Him.  It is a process, and it happens in prayer.  You go to Him, give it to Him by faith, and when you get up off your knees, you might feel just the same.

     It's not the same.  You have obeyed and He will relieve you of the oppression you are experiencing.

     What is around you and what you are seeing is not real.   The Kingdom of His Dear Son and the Kingdom of Light is real.

     Don't be deceived.  Run to him.  Claim the Sabbath Rest.

     Discuss it with Him and do it aloud.  Today.

     Be a Believer with a backbone and stand on God's Word in the face of the enemy.  And do it aloud