The Walk:

     It seems to me that most Christians pray in such a way as to avoid  walking by faith.


     Is seems so uncomfortable not to know the next couple of turns in the road.   Most want God to lead them onto a "safe"  path, one that assures the sojourner of success without conflict, criticism, misunderstanding or illness.


     While it is true that we have a God who has promised to protect us and deliver us, He has also told us that He can not be known apart from faith.


     Faith is not just belief.  Faith means putting your money where your mouth is.


     Faith means if He says go, we go, even if  failure seems to be guaranteed.  Who could  have predicted the Red Sea would part? Certainly not Moses.


     Abraham was willing to sacrifice the son of Promise, because God said.   Who can do that?


     Knowing God always means stepping into an unknown frontier.  That's what faith is.  Always moving.  Always relying on His Word instead of experience, knowledge, advice or a foreboding feeling.


     You are a Soldier of The Cross.  You have taken up the Cross and you are following hard after Him. That is a daily and affirmative decision.  It is not possible for you to live in a predictable and unruffled world.


     His Protection is under The Cross you take up.
     His Light is Under that Cross.
     His Love is under the Cross.
     His Life is under The Cross.
     Red -hot fellowship is under The Cross.
     Revelation is under The Cross.
     Freedom and security are under The Cross.


     Oh, Soldier, meet the challenge and obey the Command.


     Feels scary?


     Tell Him.  Today.