You Never Know:

     It's much too easy to observe someone and decide what he or she is thinking because of the countenance.

     When someone does something or refuses to do something, the enemy loves to bombard the  thoughts with all the reasons why.

     If you don't know for sure, do not try to figure it out.   The scenarios will play out on the screen of your mind, and you will experience real emotions based on a fabrication. 

     Much gossip starts this way.

     Soldier of The Cross,  when strange things happen, do not fill in the blanks with speculation.   Much spiritual murder has resulted from this kind of thought activity.  Only the Lord knows the heart.

     Many things are hidden.  We are not supposed to know everything.  The flesh craves an answer and wants to be in control by understanding.

     It has to be clean. If you don't know for sure, don't guess.

     Leave it with Him. Aloud.