Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       At the ripe old age of fifty-one, I have learned that it is remarkably difficult to let go of the tendency to be self sufficient.
     Instead of casting all our cares on Him, we Christians have patterns of casting the cares that we don't want on Him. We pick and choose the things that feel too weighty or feel uncomfortable, and the rest we cling to with iron-fisted ferocity.
     The Bible teaches us that when we were born into the "Kingdom of  His dear Son" we were no longer able to function well in the economy of the world. For example, if a believer clings to financial security, he cannot have the fullness of the Holy Spirit in his life.
     So our gracious and loving Lord allows and/or brings into our lives situations that demand a choice - our way or His way. The head knows the answer, of course, but the working out of the choice in another matter. It takes hard, hard things to get to the deepest and sweetest places of yieldedness.
     One of the characteristics of those who sup with the Master is an eagerness to do things His way - to wait on Him instead of jumping the gun with a natural solution.
     Lord, please bring whatever it will take to work in me a capacity to choose your design over mine.
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