Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       What a statement - "To him who overcomes I will give him the Morning Star."
     One of the names of Jesus, of course, is the "Bright and Morning Star." I have been thinking about this verse all day. Why is He the Morning Star?
     Well, He is a stunning delight against a dark backdrop. He is seen by those who are not sleeping away the hours. We must look up to see Him. He radiates so that when He is sought, He cannot be missed. There is none like Him.
     I can't tell you today how much I love Jesus. It is a constant amazement to me that I get to know that He is real. I had no idea - and then one day, feeling like a total idiot, I called out to Him.
     It was outloud, and I was kneeling on my fake red tile floor of the little kitchen where I lived. It never occurred to me that He would answer, but I called out to Him because I thought I would explode with loneliness and need.
     He answered. The Bright and Morning Star answered. He only answered because of grace, but I didn't care why. I only knew that I knew. And there was no way that could happen without my soul being warmly invaded.
     It took a response to His invitation.
     Take a few minutes from the work day. Go into the bathroom. Whisper. Ask the Bright and Morning Star to let you see Him!  
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