Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       I just want to say tonight that I love the Lord. Everything about Him thrills me, and it is a greater and greater amazement to me that I get to know Him.
     I did nothing to earn this relationship, and I do nothing to keep it.
     But I do have do do something to have the experience of knowing Him. I must seek Him, obey Him, and represent Him.
     I have never been able to understand people who say they just cannot find a church. When the Lord came physically, did He look for a place where people were all like Him, of where everything was done exactly as it is done in heaven?
    Of course not.
     He rolled up His sleeves and loved us. Then He died for us.
     When we are really in love with the Master, we are eager to serve Him in the capacity of loving His Body.
      Are you in a church where noone else is born again? You probably should change churches. But if you are visiting church after church, and cannot find the right thing, consider a simple prayer of commitment, and let the Lord lead you somewhere where there will be an opportunity to lay down your life.
    Be at every meeting. Pray about each thing. Love the brethren. Don't complain. After a number of years, if you have been praying and serving, the Lord will bring His own life into the assembly.
     Stop chasing your tail. Find a place in which to be an example. Be a servant. Love the Lord.
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