Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

         Are you a weary traveler today?
       Take heart! The Bible says that the Lord brings and allows things in "seasons". There are times of "peace in the land", and there are times of "taking the land".
      The best news is that we have an advocate. So many times the most obvious things are the very things we forget to heed - like the fact that we have been told to "lay the burden down".. As a matter of fact the Amplified version says to roll our burdens on the the Lord.
     I think this is something we learn during our entire journey. It sounds so easy, but seems so hard. I have found. however, that when I tell Him these things outloud, and quote to Him His promises, that very action brings a supernatural release.
     Often when the tiredness won't go away, and it all seems just too much to bear, a glance up at the One Who left Glory for the likes of me, leaves me breathless and gives me a renewed vigor for the battle.
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