Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

       Jesus never fails,
       Jesus never fails.
       Heaven and earth may pass away,
       But Jesus never fails.
 Have you ever heard this little song? We sing it in Sunday school all the time. It is good for the children to learn the simple truths that elude us all too often.
     Many times Christians live exactly as the world does - in a pool of anxiety and desperate need for control, only punctuated with Christian buzz words and acceptable expletives. As a matter of fact, to those without understanding, believers can seem worse off than the lost because they have the possibility of relying on the Lord, but try to live under the same principles as the rest of the world.
     It doesn't work. Have you noticed?
     We are designed to lean on the One Who never fails. We need to roll our burdens on the One Who will not condemn us or go back on His word because we got squirreley.
      He is the Door. He is the Way. He is the Truth. He is the Life.
      My husband always loves to say you will never meet a person who gave his life to Christ and then regretted it.
      We must submit to the will of God in being taught to depend on Him.
       Lord, please teach me dependence. I long to learn to really depend on you. Do whatever it takes, and do not spare the flesh. I want to build my life on the Rock of Ages.


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