Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

Daily Devotional

       When I was a little girl I lived kitty-corner from the Evangelical Alliance Mission home in Chicago. Directly across the street was a large brick building that housed the headquarters, and we lived in the parsonage,next to the church. I was completely surrounded.
     To me, the most normal thing in the world was to listen evening after evening as missionaries told stories about the plight of the Chinese Church.
We were incredibly poor (I didn't know it then) and although we never had "company" food, I doubt if anyone cared.
     Evenings were filled with prayer, singing, intense conversation, and those saints who paraded through my tiny home day after day left quite an impression.
     Today, we have a watered-down idea of missions. Many churches present missionaries as volunteers who go to some foreign place for a couple of years - sometimes only a couple of weeks. I have met more people on planes than I care to count, who have declared themselves to be missionaries.
     I don't think it is fair to define a missionary in narrow terms, but I know for sure that when God calls a man or woman from somewhere, that person hears his name called, and cannot resist going to answer on the soil from whence the call came. He falls in love with the language, and immerses himself in aspects of life in the area to which he is called. I have seen it in both home and foreign missions.
     The real ones are few and far between, but we hunt them out and support them. We weep and laugh with them, and stay with them through thick and thin. Sometimes their needs are mamouthly expensive, Sometimes they need chocolate, Garfield, and a loving ear with much private prayer.
     Please pray for us. Ask God to change us to be more like Him and to keep our attention on the things that are really important. Please be always praying that we will have the Word opened up to us and that we will be being filled always with the Holy Spirit.
     Join us as we serve His servants.
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