Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

        I love the Proverbs. I have never met anyone who could actually disagree with the truths set forth on those pages.
     Yet, if you put together the pieces of the puzzle or even just make a list of the qualities that are found in a wise or prudent person, the picture painted is one that only the Lord could put together.
     We all know people who are wonderful and have enviable qualities. What is underneath when the finish is rubbed off? Amy Carmichael used to say when the cup is tipped over, what is really inside spills out.
     We see that all the time, don't we. Yet even in a fallen world amidst all the unpleasant surprises allowed by God, there are some who have decided
to really follow Jesus. Some have responded by taking up the cross and following. It isn't hard to tell who they are.
    They are folks whose mouths and actions line up with the Word of God. They have decided to agree with God, and they do not count their discomfort to be as important as what God has said. They are not perfect, but they are seeing something or Someone that others are not.
     They are "looking away" unto the author of their faith.
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