Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

         There is not much under the sun more destructive than bitterness.
     It doesn't really matter what anyone else has done - if you are bitter, you are wrong. Perhaps you have been wronged by another, but you are not responsible for the other person, You are responsible not only for your behavior, but for your attitude.
      I love the passage where Paul lists the "interesting" things that have happened to him: stoned and left for dead, beaten forty lashes minus one three times, adrift on the ocean for three days and three nights, perils in the country, perils in the city, perils from other Christians, etc.
     But the beauty of the passage is that while he lists his experiences, he does so without resentment and the reader is edified by the recounting.
     I want the Lord to trust me with whatever He would like to do. Do you want that?   If we mean what we say, we will submit our experiences to Him in prayer, and He will deliver us from the ravages of bitterly examining what we have been through and blaming others for our own disobedient attitudes.
     This is something I cannot do in my own strength - I must live in dependence upon Him.  The bitter person is one who is dependent upon his own analysis of what is or has happened.
      I can see nothing apart from the One Who is Light.
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