Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef

     What an interesting thing God has told us - that a leopard cannot change its spots.
     Before I met the Lord, I tried everything, and in fact isn't that what psychology is all about? I read books, talked to people, found a great therapist, and "discovered" myself. I had reasons for everything and knew what "work" had to be done to get those spots changed.
     The oddest thing was that no matter how hard I tried to change, I could only make surface changes. There was no permanent healing from depression, anxiety, or insecurity.
     Just when I thought I was making progress, the right button could get pushed, and the same ugly things would surface.
     There is still work involved, but now I am changed by transformation.
The process occurs when I submit to what I am told in God's Word and obey an inch at a time. The process also occurs when I concern myself with the needs of others rather than my own needs.
     No one "arrives."
     But there sure is a place of rest - it is the Rest of  Hebrews 4, and it is right up against the passage that talks about the Bible (two-edged sword) dividing between the soul and the spirit.
     That is the process that could not take place naturally. All the human experience and wisdom could not help me to be transformed.
     I needed to be rescued and didn't even know it. I was so sure I could rescue myself.
     I needed Jesus.