Daily Devotionals by Ardith Keef


     Have you taken inventory lately of your aim in life?
     I love the apostle Paul's statement about his aim being to "Know Him" in Philippians 3:10.
    It is good in Bible studies to go around the room and have each person state outloud what his or her aim is.
     It is a confrontive moment, because each one must articulate the merging of ideals with actual desires. And that is the specific question at hand. Do you really want the things you know you should want? Do you even know what you should want? Have you thought much about it?
     Most folks have thought a great deal about what they don't want, but to determine what one's aim in life is, is to narrow the focus and compel the directing of one's life toward that end.
     That is expensive.
     That means the spending of one's time, money, thoughts, and energies on the thing sought.
     The Bible tells us clearly that when we have passed from this life into eternity only eternal things will be carried over. 
     The people of one of the most brilliant cultures, Egypt thought that money and other physical objects were eternal. Men of means were buried with their riches, and it was expected they would need the money for the eternal journey. So, the aim was to get it and to keep it.
     What place does money have in your life? What about other things like reputation, intellect, education, being really cool, having terrific vacations, having lots of leisure time, alcohol, sex, great clothing, status, etc? 
     Have you considered making it your aim to "Know Him"? Tell Him - tell Him outloud. I guarantee He will answer.