The Battle:

     The enemy knows just what buttons to push.


    Just when you think things are under control,  you are ambushed by the unexpected.  It feels unbearable and it is always accompanied by fear.


     The tendency is to work to try to be stronger in the weak area.  Unfortunately, much Christian psychology aims for that area to be "healed".


     God's Word indicates it is possible to be healed in all of the areas of the soul, but never by making the weak area stronger.  It is always healed by learning to be more dependent on Him.


     I am not against all of psychology - just a lot of it.   Surely there are gifted counselors.    The issue is,  where is your treasure?


     Is it in gaining equilibrium or is it in learning to trust the One who holds the stars in place?


     You are a Soldier of The Cross. That means you are taking up the instrument of the death of the flesh and following after Him.  There is no allowance for planting any flag in the soil of Control. 


     It is about yielding to His control.


     This happens in prayer and it must be aloud if physically possible.  The Holy Spirit leads in the choice of words, and through this, He will speak to you. 


     You will hear Him clearly.  You will be empowered to follow.  You will be thrilled to submit.


     Tell Him today.