Because He Is:

     His existence changes everything.


     He is everything.  You know His Word is true because He touched you and you can't go back.  And because His Word is true:


     His existence rules over the the lying witness.
     His existence and the Hope of Heaven sustains and comforts the grieving and broken-hearted.
     His  existence means there is purpose in each moment.
     His existence means you will eat and be clothed.
     His existence means The Everlasting Arms even when it seems the bottom drops out.
     His existence means a reason to wait, a reason to be quiet or to speak and a reason to give.
     His existence means Love should be your aim.


     There is no need to struggle with the enemy.    Resisting the enemy comes when we take hold of Reality.


     There are no "buts".


     We are sojourners moving through the land and on our way to a better land.  We are led and loved by the One who is "upholding and maintaining and guiding and propelling the universe by His mighty word of power. "

       Hebrews 1:3b (Amplified Bible)


     Soldier, we see little and we know little.  No problem.  We are His and we are in the Hollow of His Hand.


     Learn to lean.


     Look up and move on!