Soldier of The Cross,  the biggest struggle of the flesh, and the best strategy of the enemy is to get you to try to be in control.


     You see clearly what needs to be done, and you know just how to do it.  The problem is, you are not the one who can do it. It is someone else who must do it - perhaps a spouse or a friend.  It seems so obvious to you.  Why can he not see what he has to do?  And why can't he hear you when you tell him?


     What about your own issues?   Does everything have to be fixed now?


     Soldier, if you are really going to follow the Lord and not just talk about it, you must first back off and pray.  Really pray, not just think about it and say you are praying about it.   And, most of the time, praying about a matter means prevailing prayer, not just a lick-and-a -promise prayer.


     Praying about the matter lets the Soldier into the Light.  There is sight and when there is sight, there is wisdom.  Wisdom involves timing, and much of the time, waiting.


     Oh, Soldier, please.  Wait on the Lord.  He has never let anyone down.  It is the flesh, so wanting the answer now.  Control now.  And the enemy loves to pour oil on the scalding fire of hurry.


     We know so little.  We have so much.  The Light of his Word, the Indwelling Holy Spirit, and the promise of answered prayer.


     Buck up.  Take it to Him.  After all, anything else falls short of the thing you really want to see - The Lord of All.


     Tell Him.  today.