Delighting in the Lord:

     There seems to be an idea that if a Christian gets worked up enough in a devotional moment, he will learn the thrill of delighting in the Lord.


     Learning to know Him and delight in Him is a decision and it begins in and is sustained by prayer.


     Wanting to know Him means seeking out those who want the same thing.  Who want to share how faithful He has been.  Who want to hear how you met Him. 


     Learning to know him means doing what you know He has asked.  There are so many who neglect to love the Brethren, neglect tithing, neglect serving, yet they are begging to know "God's Will."


     Soldier of The Cross, we move a step at a time.  He never asked us to lead.  He said He would do that and He has never obscured Himself. 


     He who loves obedience over sacrifice is known the same way.  By faith in obedience.  He proves Himself faithful, and He loves to answer.


     Many Believers are marinated in Christianity, yet they have no experience of Him.


     By prayer.  Taking Him at his Word.  Willing to do anything, go anywhere and say anything to anyone.


     His Presence is not cheap   The cost is availability.


     Tell Him today.