Moving On:

     One of the identifying characteristics of the Soldier of The Cross is his or her pursuit of God.


     Yes, it is supernatural and, no it can't be drummed up.  Nonetheless,  it takes obedience and a willingness to move out of the comfort zone into the realm of His Presence.


      This is not about a gooey feeling.   Gooey is addictive and addicts the Believer to want feel the same thing. 


    The pursuit of God means doing the thing that results in the no-matter-what position before the Lord.  What does that for you?  For me, it is being with those whose determined purpose it is to know Him.  I am deeply stirred and challenged by the lives of many who have gone before.  Many years ago I determined to read as many Christian biographies as I could.


     Soldier, you must seek out the thing that makes you eager to be a Living Sacrifice.    What is it that reveals Jesus to you?  


      There must be a devotional life and there must be fellowship.  Locate those who want Him no-matter -what.   Be with them.  Pray with them.  Read about them.


     Tell him you want Him more than anything and more than ever.
     Tell Him aloud.