Not fun:

     When you step across The Line and decide to take up The Cross and follow Him, you must understand some things:


     There is going to be misunderstanding that will not resolve in this life.
     There is going to be false accusation.
     There is going to be deliberate undermining.


     We have an enemy who is never inactive.    Remember, you are being watched by all of the hosts of heaven as well as the fallen.


     Soldier of The Cross, you must often look ahead, moving forward knowing He will lead through the wilderness.   There are times to take action, and there are times to absolutely refuse to respond. Then, you must move forward.   


     It is the flesh that always wants to give the other party what they deserve.  Soldier, you do not know what the other party deserves.  That is for Him. 


     It is the flesh that always has to be vindicated.


     Should you defend yourself?  Perhaps, and perhaps not.  Be in prayer.  We learn in these situations.


     Remember, "He opened not His mouth . . . "


     Stand before Him, lay it out to Him, and make sure it is aloud.